Why A Clean DPF Is Essential by Go By Truck News

Why A Clean DPF Is Essential by Go By Truck News

We wanted to share a summary of an article in Go By Truck News that discussed why a clean DPF is essential for an efficient running diesel engine. The article begins by stating why you want to be proactive about DPF cleaning by saying “If you’re waiting for the maintenance light to come on in your cab before you clean the filter, you’re probably waiting too long. Built-up carbon and engine oil ash in the DPF can result in lost fuel economy and compromised functionality.

The article goes onto say things you should be paying attention to in order to know when you might need a cleaning. It mentions that things like “Whether a truck is used for long-haul, regional or local applications and how much it idles are also considerations in DPF maintenance. The manual can give you a basis for determining an initial cleaning schedule, which you can then tweak based on your truck’s operations.”

The article goes onto mention that frequent need for DPF cleaning could be an indicator of other problems. The article mentions “Proper maintenance of your DPF can help you discover problems with your engine. Frequent clogging may point to problems with an injector, an air handling system or oil consumption. At the same time, engine maintenance will extend the life of your DPF. Have your oil changed regularly and minimize idling to get the most out of your filter.

Finally, the article mentions making sure you understand how to properly clean your particular DPF. They state “Most DPFs can be cleaned with heat or compressed air, but some are sensitive to one or the other, so it’s important to check the manufacturer’s instructions.

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