Diesel Aftertreatment System Maintenance Importance Discussed

Diesel Aftertreatment System Maintenance Importance Discussed

A recent article in Transport Topics written by Homer Hogg entitled “Don’t Let Aftertreatment System Maintenance Be an Afterthought” had some great information on diesel aftertreatment system maintenance we wanted to summarize for you.

The article begins by saying that ignoring this maintenance can lead to downtime and a loss of productivity. With the increase in complexity of these systems and the constant changing technology, it is imperative to include specific maintenance procedures. Here are some tips shared in the article.

  1. Diesel Aftertreatment System Maintenance Importance Discussed 2Be Proactive – Just like other systems on your truck that need regular maintenance, it is wise to be proactive about aftertreatment system maintenance and it is vital to the vehicle’s uptime. According to the article, lack of maintenance leads to “excess of DPF regenerations and lead to an increase in fuel consumption, and in some cases a state of derate or a complete shutdown of power.
  2. Know Your Warning Lights – Most vehicles today are equipped with various warning lights that let the operator know when an engine issue arises. You need to understand what the warning lights means and what action is necessary. If you decide to ignore these lights, it can lead to very costly repairs and downtime.
  3. Read the Signs – If your filters are becoming clogged prematurely, it may be a sign of a maintenance issue in other places on the truck. Filters can clog prematurely due to air filter maintenance or leaking intake system, It can also be a sign of a filter nearing the end of its serviceable life.

As an additional motivation to stay on top of diesel aftertreatment system maintenance, it will likely save you money on maintenance costs in the long run. Lack of consistent maintenance can cause a DPF that would normally be able to be cleaned to need a complete replacement. This replacement would be much more costly that just keeping your filter cleaned on regular intervals. In addition, clogged or poor performing filters will typically cause your fuel consumption to increase causing an increase in your costs with every fill-up.

I hope that you found this article summary on diesel aftertreatment system maintenance informative. If you would like to read the entire article, click HERE.

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