DPF Can Cleanser

Enviromotive DPF Can Cleanser for Clearing Rust, Oil, Grease, Grime, and Dirt
DPF Can Cleanser Cleans The Residue And Rust From The Can

Perception is reality in many ways, and even a properly cleaned filter that looks dirty on the outside can give the wrong impression that the cleaning wasn’t done well. This is where DPF Can Cleanser come in. When a shop cleans a filter, they can use this DPF Can Cleanser to wipe down the exterior of the filter to give their customers visible value in the cleaning process.  Once the outside of the filter has been wiped down it is then bagged up with a set of gaskets so that the customer has everything they need to re-install the filter.

If you would like any additional information about this product or any of the other DPF products that Enviromotive offers, give us a call at 800-954-8265!

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