7 Reasons Why DPF Cleaning Service Intervals Are Important

Seven Reasons Why DPF Cleaning Service Intervals Are Important

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) are the reality of diesel truck maintenance for 2022 and beyond. The tendency might be to extend the DPF cleaning service intervals. However, we wanted to share this list of seven reasons why following DPF cleaning intervals is important. A diesel particulate filter is an important part of modern day diesel truck motors. You need to understand how these filters work and the importance of DPF cleaning. The list below was shared by Kyrish Truck Centers a customer that uses our EvacuBlast DPF Cleaning Equipment.

7 Reasons to Follow DPF Cleaning Service Intervals

1. Fuel Economy
When you keep your filter clean, you’ll get better fuel economy. The DPF is part of your engine’s exhaust system, and even if it’s only partially clogged, it increases back pressure in the engine. This affects your fuel economy.

2. Performance
Regular DPF cleaning keeps your engine running smoothly. In fact, unless the filter is working at 100 percent your engine performance suffers.

3. Prevent Replacement
Diesel particulate filters are expensive, and if they are not cleaned at appropriate intervals, they can become damaged. When they become damaged, it ends up being a very costly replacement.

4. Increase Resale Value
It’s important to keep complete and accurate records of your truck maintenance. When a truck has a good maintenance record (that includes DPF cleaning when called for), you’ll get more for your truck at trade-in time.

5. All Filters Will Eventually Clog
When your DPF works perfectly, it burns off hydrocarbons and particles in the exhaust, and this causes ashes to slowly build up. DPF cleaning removes these ashes and lets the filter work in the most efficient manner.

6. Stop and Go Driving
If your truck makes frequent deliveries and a lot of city driving, you’ll need to have the DPF cleaned more often. Stop and go driving causes more exhaust particles and makes it harder on the filtration and regeneration processes.

7. Engine Warranty
If you don’t take proper care of your engines, it could void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Enviromotive is very proud to be part of the solution by offering the industry’s best DPF cleaning equipment. If you have any questions about the products and services we offer, please contact us today at 800-954-8265. We have the best informed DPF related technical support available in the industry. You can also check out our EvacuBlast DPF Cleaning System by clicking HERE.

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