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It’s always great to get feedback from the field. Understanding what is happening on the ground is what helps Enviromotive design and build the best DPF Cleaning Systems in the industry today. So, when we received this report from Josh at Report Radiator in Stockton, California, you can understand how happy we were to know our systems do exactly what we say they do…Out-Clean the Competition!

Feedback from the Field

Josh wrote us to tell us that he was sending someone our way to purchase one of our EvacuBlast DPF Cleaning Systems after he demonstrated the superior cleaning to this person. The shop is a trucking company that already had their own pulse technology DPF cleaning equipment, but it was not working well. They were sampling various “automated air” dpf cleaning machines when they asked Josh for his input.

After Josh told them about how much he liked the EvacuBlast system, they brought over a filter that had just been cleaned by the system they had been considering. Josh was able to use the Evacublast DPF Cleaning Equipment to get the filter that had already been cleaned even cleaner. He was able to get another .090kg of soot out of it and lowered the airflow from 1.0 to .08. Needless to say they were impressed with the Evacublast system and came to us to purchase one.

Evacublast DPF Cleaning Systems

EvacuBlast DPF Cleaning Systems – 9001 DPF Cleaning Blast Cabinet

The EvacuBlast 9001 DPF Cleaning Blast Cabinet is a state of the art DPF cleaning system uses what we call “Dual Force” technology where compressed air and intense vacuum is used simultaneously to push from the top and pull from the bottom to force the contaminated soot from the filter cells. The EvacuBlast has a built in pressure differential test system to evaluate the filter before, during and after the cleaning process is completed. Learn more by clicking HERE

EvacuBlast DPF Cleaning Systems – 9002 DPF Cleaning Regeneration Oven

The EvacuBlast 9002 DPF Cleaning Regeneration Oven facilitates the cleaning process of dirty filters. In some cases a filter may need to be baked due to amounts of wet soot, unburned hydrocarbons. In this case, baking is needed to regenerate the soot so it can be removed effectively. EB-9002 controller is programmed to ramp up the temperature at a rate that will not damage the substrate of the filter. Learn more by clicking HERE

EvacuBlast DPF Cleaning Systems – 9003 DPF Cleaning Soot Scale

The EvacuBlast 9003 DPF Cleaning Soot Scale allows you to give your customers measurements on the amount of soot removed to the gram. Simply place the filter on the scale before starting the cleaning process, note pre-clean weight. Clean the filter using the complete EvacuBlast DPF Cleaning System. Then, place the filter back on the scale. You now have your detailed read out of what that specific DPF was holding in its core. Learn more by clicking HERE

EvacuBlast DPF Cleaning Systems – 9004 DPF Cleaning Inspection / Flow System

The EvacuBlast 9004 DPF Cleaning Inspection / Flow System is designed to measure flow before and after cleaning a DPF from any system. The Flow Meter can also distinguish a bad DPF that may be exothermed, cracked, or damaged, allowing containments to flow through the Diesel Particualte Filter. Simply turn on the High Powered Halogen Light and look down the DPF. Learn more by clicking HERE

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