EvacuBlast – Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning System. The EvacuBlast System has proven to out-perform competitive DPF Cleaning Machines in an average of thirty minutes! Enviromotive manufactures the most cost effective, and thorough DPF cleaning system on the market today.

The EB-9001 DPF Cleaning Machine is a manual system. Unlike automated systems, the EB-9001 allows a technician the versatility to concentrate on cells that may need extra attention along with its patented “Dual Force” Technology that focuses on each cell while running the cleaning process. In turn, the customer receives a filter that will perform longer between cleaning cycles simply because the DPF is cleaned thoroughly. The EB-9001 includes adapter plates for all sizes, makes, and models of DPFs on the market today.

The EB-9002 Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Oven is designed to protect the DPF during the regeneration cycle. With smart technology, the EB-9002 will monitor the DPF during the regeneration process making sure there is no uncontrolled regeneration or damage to the filter. Enviromotive has designed the Regeneration Oven with fully programmable controls. The EB-9002 can hold multiple filters in a single cycle, and has 6 programmable options to ensure a proper regeneration process.

Please view the EvacuBlast Products here… https://enviromotive.net/products/

12 Comments on “EvacuBlast – Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine”

    1. Hi, I need a quote on a DPF cleaning system for the Altaville Fire Station project. 916-344-2098. Thanks

  1. Good Day,

    I was wondering if your machine wa able to clean a;

    Toyota Hi-Ace/Regius

    Also, would it would seem as if both machines would be needed. One for cleaning and one for regeneration. Is this correct?

    What is the cost of each machine?
    Do you need training on the machines or is it self-explanatory?

    Than you kindly,


  2. Considering starting a filter cleaning business. Currently have a fire apparatus repair facility and have been doing some research on obtaining a cleaning system. Could you provide me with some detailed info and pricing on your cleaning system Thank You

  3. Aloha
    What is the cost of the air blast machine and do we need both machines to clean our DPF filters?

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