Evacublast Mobile DPF Positioner & Cooling Cart

Cooling Cart

EnviroMotive is introducing the new EvacuBlast EB-9006 DPF Cooling Cart.

This DPF positioning and cooling cart has been designed to be ergonomically compatible to the EB-9001 (DPF Cleaning Cabinet) and EB-9002 (DPF Regeneration Oven) we carry so there will be less stress when positioning DPFs where they need to be. Not only will it help save your back, but it will also speed up the cool down process. The Electric Fan unit is used once the baking phase is finished and the DPF’s need to be cooled down quickly for the start of the cleaning phase. You will find the sooner the DPF’s are cool the sooner they can be cleaned. The sooner they are cleaned the sooner the customer gets the DPF back in their hands! Increase productivity and save your back with this simple unit.

If you have any questions about Enviromotive EvacuBlast equipment, please contact us by calling (714) 778-5155.

Buy Evacublast at CDS.Direct

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