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21 Comments on “EvacuBlast – 9002 DPF Cleaning Regeneration Oven”

  1. i am the shop supervisor at athens services, we just bought the 9002 oven and evacublast
    they are hooked up , and now we need the training you provide so we can start to use the machines
    also we have no opperators manual for the 9002 oven. please let us know asap for a training date so
    we can start using the equipment
    Thank You
    Eric Zufall
    Athens Services
    626-274-7523 Cell
    my shift starts 3:00 pm Mon to Sat

  2. Please provide pricing for bake oven and blast cleaner. Currently own a fleet of tow trucks Hinos, Internationals, Freightliners, Peterbilts, all equipped with DPF systems. Like to do a cost analysis in house cleaning vs out sourcing. Thank you.

  3. Would like price and information on total DPF cleaning options and equipment
    Are there rental purchase or lease options
    Thank You
    Greg Aluce

  4. I live in a town where no does DPF regens./cleaning and theres a huge market for this being a lumber, mining town amongst many other. I also work for a freight company! (Supervisor). Wondering A) Do you finance these machines, B) If not, do you sell used ones or C) is it possible to rent these units full time?! Like I said Im very interested and theres is a huge market up here! The other day we ourselves sent two of our own filters out of town to be cleaned, this is what peaked my interest!! Dan 705-269-2788
    Dan Rose

  5. Interested in purchasing DPF cleaning machine please give me a call back at 559-917-3096 thank you

  6. *Does this machine also clean DOC’s?
    *What’s the cost EvacuBlast – 9002 Regeneration Oven (4 different machines)?

  7. Hi I am interested in your kiln for Dpf cleaning can you please have someone contact me asap 985 635 9130 thank you

  8. Good morning
    Is this unit available in Canada
    and if so can I get a price on one or maybe point me in the right direction for a supplier in Canada ?

  9. Please send me a brochure with options and prices on the DPF oven and the air knife unit.

  10. Hello Enviromotive- I am interested in the inside dimensions and and individual price for the 4 sizes of EB 9002 DPF Filter oven . Thank you Jim Terbeek

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