Don’t Let Spin Doctors Convince You Proper DPF Cleaning Isn’t Possible

Don't Let Spin Doctors Convince You Proper DPF Cleaning Isn't Possible

Don't Let Spin Doctors Convince You Proper DPF Cleaning Isn't Possible 2You may have recently seen a vendor sharing about their cleaning processes who floated propaganda that the competition’s DPF cleaning procedures aren’t effective and are actually costing you money. They even went on to mention that one OEM manufacturer is no longer using reconditioned DPFs as a way to support their claims. The real information regarding this program change had to do with the manufacturer not completing a proper DPF Cleaning. This was not a reflection on the filters not being able to be cleaned as much as a result of improper cleaning techniques being used. In addition, these filters were not cleaned with our Enviromotive DPF Cleaning System which has proven to provide the most thorough process but that of another DPF Cleaning Equipment manufacturer.

Unfortunately, their information and claims are based in a vested interest of selling you their services. They understand that effective cleaning locally would negatively impact their business and therefore would like to disparage that option.

The truth is that you CAN clean DPFs in house with Enviromotive EvacuBlast DPF Cleaning System which follows the Truck Maintenance Council’s Recommended Practice for DPF Cleaning. The best part is that you can have your own professional DPF Cleaning Equipment for as low as $13,250. Watch this video for more information about our trusted diesel particulate filter cleaning system.

We do not usually address false claims as those recently made by this vendor, but we want to make sure you understand the truth and not get taken advantage of. Don’t let someone “sell” you on their solution by using this false information about your DPF options. We would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions about proper DPF cleaning, maintenance or Enviromotive EvacuBlast diesel particulate filter cleaning technology, please contact us today. You can contact us by calling (714) 778-5155 or emailing us at We look forward to speaking with you and helping you make a more educated choice regarding cleaning DPFs.

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