Proper DPF Cleaning Procedure – What to Look For

The Components of a Proper DPF Cleaning Procedure

There is a lot of information, and mis-information, out there regarding what a proper DPF cleaning procedure looks like. We thought we would write a brief article that discusses some diesel particulate filter basics as well as the elements of a proper pdf cleaning procedure.

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Essentially, a DPF is an inline trap in the exhaust design to capture soot and ash before it can escape as exhaust. As an engine operates, this filter will begin to fill up and become clogged. In a recent article, Ray Bohacz described it like this. “The DPF looks externally like a muffler, but it has an interior of precious metals that resembles a tight honeycomb. This matrix holds the soot. As it fills, exhaust flow will decrease with a corresponding pressure differential and degraded engine performance. The purpose of the regeneration process is to burn off the collected soot and let it become ash and fall from the matrix. It is important to recognize that the ash will remain in the DPF and eventually need to be removed. That requires the use of special equipment and cannot be accomplished in your shop.”

Transport Topics - The Importance of Diesel Aftertreatment System Maintenance - DPF Cleaning Equipment from EnviromotiveOnce the DPF is Removed, What is the Proper DPF Cleaning Procedure?

A proper DPF Cleaning will require the use of specialized equipment like our Enviromotive EvacuBlast System. This system is unique in its process that utilizes high-pressure air to penetrate and knock loose the blockage of the cells (small channels containing the soot) and extreme suction to pulling the soot from the exact same cell. Depending on how loaded the filter is, it may also need to be exposed to baking process in a specialty piece of equipment like the EvacuBlast Regeneration Oven. The oven exposes the DPF to very high temperatures to loosen the contaminants so they can be removed with the EvacuBlast Cabinet. Most shops will bake and blast every filter which will bring the DPF close to a like new state. A clean DPF will help your vehicles run cleaner and more efficient. This can not only save you money on maintenance, but can save you downtime and the much higher cost of a full replacement filter if the cleaning is neglected for too long.

For an overview of the EvacuBlast DPF Cleaning Process, Click the link below:

Evacublast System from Enviromotive - DPF Cleaning Process Overview

We hope that this brief article gives you some additional information about diesel particulate filter cleaning and what a proper DPF cleaning procedure looks like. If you have any questions about aftertreatment system maintenance or DPF cleaning strategies, please contact us today by calling 800-954-8265. We have the best informed DPF related technical support available in the industry.

You can also check out our EvacuBlast and EvacuFlush DPF Cleaning System discussed in the article by clicking HERE. Or, fill out the contact form below if you are interested in learning more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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