Replace The Filter Cartridge In The Back Of Your EvacuBlast System

Replace The Filter Cartridge In The Back Of Your EvacuBlast System

Enviromotive is always working to help you do your job more effectively and efficiently with our EvacuBlast and EvacuFlush DPF Cleaning Equipment and DPF Accesories!


Is time running short on your DPF Cleaning? Do you need a faster way to replace the filter cartridge in the back of your EvacuBlast System?
We have your answer. This simple design, easy to install filter hanger upgrade will speed up fitler exchanges when it’s time to replace your used filtration system. You no longer need to remove the top, unscrew the long threaded bolt, manipulate the fitler to get it out. Filter swap outs take 1 minute to minimize downtime.
With this new design its simply unplug the air hose to the Vibration system and pull two spring latched and away it goes. Slide the new filter in and close the latches to create the seal! Check out the video below to see how easily this retrofits into your existing machine.

This new item is available both with and without a filter. The ordering information is below.
EB-9001-AFH – Evacublast Air Filter Hanger = $297.00
EB-9001-AFHC – Evacublast Air Filter Hanger + Air Filter = $485.00

If you have questions about our this new tool or any of our Evacublast and Evacuflush DPF cleaning equipment, call (800) 954-8265 / (714) 778-5155 or email

Be well! We look forward to serving you!

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